Streamline your commissioning with Cirrus

Accelerate your business by enabling a larger part of your organization in commissioning

Cirrus is a cloud-based solution, enabling efficient collaboration between employees on-site and at the office. It simplifies the commissioning work with tuning and verification of layouts. Book a demo now and learn how you can speed up your commissioning with Cirrus!

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Cirrus Cloud: Create and administrate projects at the office

  • Upload and download the current project layout.
  • Add users and assign them to projects.
  • Download updates made on-site, and import them to Layout Designer.

Cirrus Install: Easy and efficient commissioning on-site

  • Use the position of the vehicle to update points and stations in the layout.
  • Send local orders to test drive paths and stations.
  • Optimize drive paths.
  • Sync layout updates with Cirrus Cloud and colleagues at the office.
  • Enable both offline and online work.

Key benefits

Efficient AGV projects workflow

  • Utilize local employees to conduct on-site commissioning work.
  • Decrease lead time and travel needs:
    • Optimize the layout at the office, and validate stations and driveways on-site.
    • Cloud-based sync service enables simultaneous work at the office and on-site.
    • Work offline on-site if needed.

Ease of use

  • Fast onboarding, a couple of minutes is enough to set up the application. 
  • Limited training needs:
    • Get up to speed quickly with layout validation on-site.
    • Basic AGV knowledge, such as work with an AGV in a safe way and handle manual mode.
    • Basic load handling knowledge.
    • Possibility to use descriptions instead of operation code.

Cloud-based application

  • Enable continuous deployment and access to the latest updated software and functionality.
  • Access layout information remotely from anywhere, anytime.
  • Create a foundation of an online data driven ecosystem for future services, to benefit all stakeholders involved.

For more information or questions about Cirrus, contact your Kollmorgen Sales Representative or send an email to

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Please note that Cirrus is currently not available for usage within mainland China.