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Time to market in less than six months - instant access to 45 years’ experience of developing AGV’s

Our controls platform lets you create competitive lift truck AGVs installations that are easy to design, operate, maintain and extend. The possibilities are practically endless. The platform lets you automate almost any material handling application

Buying or building lift truck AGVs?

With our NDC Solutions automation kit consisting of hardware, software and navigation technologies you get a proven platform for boosting AGV performance in a broad range of industries worldwide. Turn to us for advice if you are buying or building AGVs.

  • Scalable and flexible.Easy to customize and make changes in the future
  • No need to develop own controls. More time to focus on end-user application
  • User-friendly design and service tools. You are up and running fast
  • Value-adding services. Support all the way through the design and sales process
  • Proven in thousands of applications. Reduced risk gives peace of mind

Top lift truck companies using Kollmorgen technology

We can help you find the best lift truck AGV supplier for your needs, considering geography and the application competence needed for your type of industry.

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Lift truck AGVs - Success Stories

Jungheinrichs AGVs with Kollmorgen technology - TRUMPF Group

The TRUMPF Group is an industrial machine manufacturing company focused on automation. Their futuristic production processes are almost completely automated. Trumpf's employees can now focus on production, increasing productivity and output.

Rocla - Transporter application in 3PL

Application that minimizes operational costs in a highly automated warehouse. In the very narrow aisle racking area, automated warehouse trucks handle the pallets. The warehouse trucks were automated with technology from Kollmorgen.

Hangcha - High reach AGVs at Seraphim Solar System warehouse

By using high-reach AGVs based on technology from Kollmorgen, Seraphim Solar System have improved accuracy and efficiency in their warehouse. Seraphim’s overall warehouse utilization increased by 40%, and the daily warehousing and storage time has been improved by 20%.

Toyota - Coop regional warehouse in Trondheim

The warehouse employees have learned to work safely with the automated stackers from Toyota Material Handling using Kollmorgen technology, which can drive their fixed routes freely in the middle of a swarm of manual forklift trucks. On average, the warehouse receives 2,500 pallets, 65,000 packages are picked up and 3,000 pallets are shipped out daily.

Heli - High Reach AGVs at Ocean East International Logistics

By using high-reach AGVs, Ocean East International Logistics decrease their operational cost. The main reason for choosing AGVs instead of a fixed automation solution is flexibility. The system could be used in the existing warehouse layout and it can also easily be adapted to future changes in the warehouse.

An system that has expanded over time in a Dairy Warehouse

Arla Foods in Götene, Sweden, started their automation journey in 2007 with four AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles). The system has grown over the years, and automation is now a natural part of their production environment. Jungheinrich has delivered the system which is based on Kollmorgen’s AGV controls technology.

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Why Partner with us?

  • Stay ahead—make your company a front-edge solution provider with competitive technology from Kollmorgen
  • Secure costs—move from fixed to variable costs,  lower your engineering and support costs
  • Assure product lifecycle management—let us manage your long-term product supply commitment

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Partner Benefits

End-users require high uptime, efficient daily operations and applications that are easy to change. We help you meet these demands with NDC Services. Our service portfolio consists of training service, support service and consulting service.

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Training service
  • Technical service
  • Consultant service

Kollmorgen Navigation Solutions

NDC8 works with all established navigation technologies. There is support for a combination of technologies, so-called multi-navigation, which is good if you want to serve a storage space using one type of navigation and a production area using another.

NDC Solutions natural navigation

Natural Navigation

NDC Solutions reflector navigation

Reflector Navigation

NDC Solutions magnetic tape

Magnetic Tape

NDC Solutions multi navigation


NDC Solutions inductive wire


NDC Solutions spot navigation

Spot Navigation

Return on Investment

The payback period for vehicle automation is often as low as 1–2 years and then you can look forward to many years of profits.

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