AGVs – Why you should turn your forklifts into AGVs

Whether you’re managing a warehouse, or overseeing a specific section of a production line, getting products from point A to point B in an effective and safe way is most likely your primary goal. And most of you probably rely on moving things using forklifts with human operators. If this sounds familiar, then you owe it to yourself to read on and understand the advantages of turning forklifts into automated guided vehicles (AGVs).

If you’re still operating your forklifts manually then you’re holding back the efficiency of your material handling processes. With nearly unlimited customization options and minimal investment, you can automate your forklifts and

  • Reduce on-site injuries
    Built-in safety protocols and sensors prevent dangerous incidents, while leaving other
    traffic unaffected
  • Free up resources
    Driverless operations optimize the efforts of human workers
  • Optimize energy usage
    Material handling can be executed without lights and in unregulated temperature areas
  • Improve your bottom line
    Consistent, repeatable material handling significantly decreases product, material and
    workplace losses

Safety is highest priority
Although required training and certification have increased forklift safety, there are still too many accidents. According to statistics, one hundred workers are killed and 20,000 seriously injured in forklift-related accident every year in the U.S.A. With the safety features built into automated forklifts, incidents are dramatically decreased.

Better manpower management
Technology improvements in automated forklift trucks have made them real assets, especially when A-to-B distances are long or involve complicated navigation within the workspace.

Energy and the environment
Automated forklifts can operate in cold or hot climates, as well as in areas with poor or no lighting. In turn, they reduce exhaust fumes and plant noise. All these factors contribute to better working conditions for workers and reduced energy requirements, lowering costs and supporting a cleaner environment.

Making the good decision
Automating your forklift fleet is a sound decision from a safety and efficiency perspective, but possibly most important it is a good financial choice. And, thanks to lower total operational overhead, including reduced preventive maintenance and repair costs, the payback period (ROI) is usually 1–2 years.

For more reasons why you should turn your forklifts into AGVs, read the success stories from those who have converted.

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