Where you find AGVs in operation

The list of applications where Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) can bring value is almost endless. New AGV types such as mobile robots and carts also create new areas of use, and the total annual production has grown to 14,000 vehicles in recent years. Where can you find all these AGVs in operation and what do they do? Let’s take a look.  

Talented multi-tasker
Using AGVs for intralogistics purposes within manufacturing and warehousing is becoming more common as they improve quality, safety and efficiency. The payback time is usually as little as 1–2 years, and the technology has been well proven for decades.

Typical applications in manufacturing are line to storage, material to line, inventory moves, shipping and receiving, line production and movement of material between production cells. In warehousing, AGVs are often used for picking, shipping and receiving, put-aways, replenishment, dispatch and cross-docking.

There are many types of AGVs. Each with its own specific benefits depending on the application. And most of them can be combined in the same system.

Many sectors
In China, where e-commerce is booming right now, AGVs are consistently gaining ground as the technology provides new ways of handling goods and parcels. Another expanding sector for AGVs is the automotive industry, where AGVs with natural navigation open up for a shift from working in isolated systems to working in integrated systems.

Moving heavy goods in industries such as ceramics and tiles, as well as paper and printing, are well-known areas for AGVs. You can also find AGVs in food and beverage, electronics, metal, mining and tire intralogistics. Hospitals and pharmaceutical industries are among all those sectors where AGVs reduce physical damage and personal injuries thanks to precise and safe movements.

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