NDC8 4.0 - New Generation of Laser Navigation & New Functions in System Manager NG

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For more information or questions about the release, contact your Kollmorgen sales representative or send an email to sales.agv@kollmorgen.com.

New laser navigation
  • By making use of the capacity of our high-performance CVC700 vehicle controller, the AGV is able to operate using up to 50 % fewer reflectors, saving valuable time and money in your project.
  • The AGV is now able to navigate using down to two reflectors only, making it easier to address more challenging type of applications, such as narrow aisles and block storage.
  • We now support laser navigation using the safety sensors microScan3 or nanoScan3 as an option for smaller vehicles that require a space-efficient option.
New functionality added in System Manager NG saves you time during the design phase and increases efficiency
  • You no longer have to separate points on a station to prevent a vehicle from passing through it.
  • We have added a “Prioritize leaving station (NG)” feature that enables you to make sure that vehicles leaves a station as quickly as possible without affecting route planning – a strong benefit for example when robot cells are used on the station