Industry 4.0 – how can AGVs contribute to success?

The fourth industrial revolution is about to change the way we produce and move goods in factories and warehouses. Systems and machines will connect digitally and create the flexibility and predictability companies need to stay competitive. One way to kick-start this revolution in your company is to start using AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles).

Revolutionary ideas
The fourth industrial revolution is driven by industries with a high degree of automation, such as the automotive industry. There are also many governmental initiatives to support the change, for example Industry 4.0 (Germany) and Made in China 2025 (China), as well as management consultancy firms explaining why and how this next revolution will become reality. See McKinsey’s Manufacturing’s next act and Boston Consulting Group’s The future of productivity and growth in manufacturing industries.

Evolutionary steps
Automation is pointed out by Boston Consulting Group as one of nine building blocks for transforming industrial production. However, automation is a broad area and there are many ways to reduce manual work in factories and warehouses. Introducing AGVs usually gives an appealing combination of high flexibility and low installation cost. These systems have been around for decades and are today well proven in many types of applications. The automation kits consist of software, hardware and navigation. Vehicles can be purpose-built or standard, such as forklifts. AGVs give controlled driving, which improves safety and minimizes the use of energy. What is more, AGVs allow operators to focus on value-creating tasks. This is important to attract the young digital generation to your fourth generation of industry.

Getting started
AGVs will not let you realize all your Industry 4.0 dreams, but surprisingly many. Feel free to contact our Industry 4.0 expert Samuel Alexandersson for ideas and inspiration, and take a closer look at our vehicle automation kits for AGVs and worldwide partner network of AGV builders.

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