PGV100R - Precision on sub-millimetre level

A high resolution matrix code reader for outstanding navigation of AGVs and bots. The PGV100R (Position Guided Vision) sensor is equipped with a high-intensity red illuminating light source combined with high-resolution camera technology,which enables reliable and precise measurements with great repeat accuracy and short response times.


What are the differences between the PGV100R and the PGV100I sensor?

From a technical standpoint, there are three areas where the two sensors differ:

  • Cables In the new PGV100R sensor, the connection cables are integrated in the sensor. This means that cables no longer need to be ordered seperately.
  • Light The PGV100R sensor uses visible (red) light to scan barcodes whereas the PGV100I sensor used invisible infrared light. The performance of the scanning will be unaffected.
  • Design Unlike the PGV100I sensor, the PGV100R sensor is a Kollmorgen-specific product, which means it will be designed in the stylish, dark blue color that you associate with the Kollmorgen brand.

Why is the PGV100I sensor being replaced?

We have identified several components in the PGV100I sensor that could be replaced to make the product more cost-efficient while still maintaining the same level of high performance.

Can I still purchase the PGV100I sensor?

The PGV100I sensor is not a Kollmorgen-specific product and can still be purchased directly from Pepperl+Fuchs.

Where can I find more information about the new PGV100R sensor?

Datasheet with technical information

For more information or questions about the release, contact your Kollmorgen Sales Representive, or send an email to