Reflector Navigation 2.0

With more than 40 years of experience from the AGV market, Kollmorgen offers everything from spot and magnetic tape to completely natural navigation solutions. However, the reflector navigation remains the core of our business and it’s easy to see why. When it comes to the combination of precision, reliability and customization, there are simply no comparable options.

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Features of our laser navigation solution include:

  • Support for all wheel configuration types – Steer/Drive, Quad or multi-wheeler.
  • Support for both flat and cylindrical reflectors.
  • Support for all NDC8 curve types.
  • Automatic and Semi-automatic operation mode.
  • Multi-navigation with Range, Spot, Magnetic tape, Inductive wire or Natural.

Introducing our new generation of laser navigation

In the new generation of laser navigation, we have refined our solution even further to make your AGV installation more cost-effective and less time-consuming. All this while increasing the customization possibilities.

  • By making use of the capacity of our high-performance CVC700 vehicle controller, the AGV is able to operate using up to 50 % fewer reflectors, saving valuable time and money in your project.
  • The AGV is now able navigate using down to two reflectors only, making it possible to address new types of applications that might previously have been challenging.
  • We now support laser navigation using the safety sensors microScan3 or nanoScan3 as an option for smaller vehicles that require a space-efficient option.