Speeding up installation of smart mobile robots

What if you could cut the installation time of smart mobile robots by up to 25 percent? This is now reality with new software for NDC Solutions from Kollmorgen. One tool for all layout fine-tuning and an automated verification process to secure quality save lots of time even for the experienced application engineer. 

Disruptive approach
With a growing number of smart factories and smart warehouses around the world, the need for fast installation of smart mobile robots is bigger than ever. The trend is the same for other automated vehicles such as AGVs, carts and tuggers. But finding new ways to cut time is not a new challenge in the vehicle automation industry. The team at Kollmorgen had to think beyond the ordinary.

“Our primary focus was to develop new software that could cut the time it takes to do an installation,” says Peter Bladh, Director Product Management & Marketing at Kollmorgen. “Smart functionality guides the application engineer through the process, ensuring efficient use of valuable engineering time and system quality.”

Removing the repetitive
The new software makes it easier to find layout information and the application engineer no longer has to swap between different tools to perform different layout tasks. All verification reports of the physical layout and finalized project steps are generated automatically.

The goal for Kollmorgen is software that can reduce the installation time by up to 90 percent compared with today.

How much time can you save?
Let’s say that you are dealing with an application project of 300 hours, where 160 hours are spent on site. Removing 25 percent of the installation time saves you 40 hours (160 x 0.25) of work, that is, a full working week. Five projects per year mean you save some 200 hours.

Check out this video for more information on how new software can contribute to shorter and safer mobile robot installations in smart factories and warehouses. Make sure you stay on top of this topic by subscribing to our newsletter and feel free to contact us or any of our partners around the world.

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