NDC8 3.5 - Enhanced System Manager NG

NDC8 3.5

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For more information or questions about the release, contact your Kollmorgen sales representative or send an email to sales.agv@kollmorgen.com.

Key benefits of System Manager NG

  • Increased Speed of Design and Commissioning
  • Performance – focusing on the fleet not vehicles individually
  • No need for clusters thanks to smart algorithms

Previous releases:
System Manager NG

  • Support for maximum number of 20 vehicles
  • Support for vehicle searches for order
  • Improve handling of home stations
  • Support for grid systems

This release:

  • System Manager NG 1.3 increases the utilization of your vehicle fleet by optimizing when:
       - Multiple AGVs have the same goal
       - An AGV in Manual mode is on the main path
  • Grid systems enhancements